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Feel the spirit of this ancient land.

Ancient Land Tours offers small groups the chance to get off the beaten track into an area of outstanding natural beauty; our immersive tours provide a genuine remote experience. We specialise in catering for family and friendship groups.

We offer half-day and full day tours ex Ceduna tours of the Warna Manda Coastal Parks of the Far West of South Australia. Warna meaning ‘sea’, and Manda meaning ‘ground’ or ‘sand’ in the Wirangu Language.

We will drive in a 4WD out of Ceduna and go off the beaten track to the iconic coastline where we will visit remote beaches, bays, and dunes, and witness nature at its best. We will stop for short walks close to the vehicle, to observe nature, including birds, animals, and reptiles (and possibly whales in season). The Far West is one of the last places in South Australia to open up to tourism.

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Feel the spirit of this ancient land.

There is no other place like the remote Far West of SA for short adventures and to connect with nature. Feel the spirit of this ancient land through personalised nature-based 4WD tours to coastal parks not previously available.

Your guide Steve Milner has been exploring the Far West of SA for nearly 30 thirty years. He is an expert in the caves and country of the Far West and the Nullarbor and is passionate about building knowledge of this extraordinary place through observation and exploration. Steve is a keen amateur photographer, palaeontologist and anthropologist.

Ancient Land Tours is a new business incorporating a chauffeured licensed 4WD Vehicle, and is an accredited business with a Commercial Tour Operators Licence for operation on National Parks (SA). Ancient Land Tours has recently attained COVID-19 Safe accreditation.

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Short adventures.

Our Warna Manda Coastal Parks tours explore relatively undisturbed coastal dune systems with associated samphire community and mallee woodland. The ecosystems provide important habitat for the spinifex hopping mouse, short-beaked echidna, and numerous bird species including coastal raptors.

There are unparalleled photography and bird watching opportunities, and we may be lucky to see native animals including dingos, wombats, and kangaroos. When coastal plants flower and fruit, they add an extra dimension and interest in a semi-arid landscape.

Included is a visit to a place of outstanding natural beauty including headlands, high cliffs, sheltered bays, and long sandy beaches. Occasionally whales can be seen from the cliffs (May to October).

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Our responsibility - sustainable tourism.

The preservation, conservation and presentation of the environment is of principal importance to Ancient Land Tours. We consider it a privilege to operate in the unique wilderness environment of the Far West of SA.

All our operations and business practices embody ecotourism principles. Every decision and action of ours takes these principles into account. Ancient Land Tours:

  • is conscious of both the positive and the negative impacts of our operations and conduct;
  • has a responsibility to build awareness around cultural and ecological values;
  • delivers positive South Australian visitor experiences;
  • provides direct benefits for conservation;
  • generates financial benefits for local communities and private local industry;
  • operates a leave-no-trace and minimal impact business;
  • recognises and consults with the traditional owners of South Australia; and
  • cares for Country.

Country is land, sea, sky, rivers, sites, seasons, plants, and animals; and a place of heritage, belonging and spirituality.

Ancient Land Tours demonstrates this responsibility through Ecostar, Sustainable, and Quality Tourism Accreditation.

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PO Box 514, Ceduna, SA 5690, Australia